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The Hayloft

magicalbookwormDec. 20th, 2007 05:17 pm

found this group through the Thorougbred fan fic group. I've been meaning to start writing horse novels for a while now, but other ideas (and the need to edit) have worked their way into my writing time. but I have a handful of horse ideas that I want to set to paper (or rather type) One idea I have is a fantasy world were horse racing is a big part of the world, another idea that is more of an urban fantasy centering around horses and a mystery around horses.
hmm now just to write them!

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thought_bubblsNov. 25th, 2007 02:27 pm The Secret Horse

This was one of my favorite horse books as a kid.  Here's the description:

When Gail moves in next door, Nickie's summer brightens. The girls visit an animal shelter where an old horse is scheduled to be put to sleep. That night, Nicki and Gail plan a daring rescue . . . but keeping a horse secret isn't easy.

The Secret Horse

Has anyone else read this one?

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00hshinyAug. 23rd, 2007 02:05 am The Jill Series!

So I just finished Jill's Riding Club (again! my book is literally in pieces and is in no fit state to take anywhere, it needs to be rebound). I decided on a whim to check the copyrights. First published in 1956. What a laugh!

Anyone else read Jill? She's great :D I think I've read all of them at some point but at the moment I only have two Jills in my possession, Jill's Riding Club and Jill And the Runaway. They're by Ruby Ferguson if you want to look them up.

Also, what are your favourite oldy but goodies? I love my K.M. Peytons. Fly-By-Night and The Team are really really fantastic.

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harnessphotoJul. 26th, 2007 08:48 pm Semi-fiction

This is a story I wrote ages ago. It's inspired by a combination of horses I've ridden... mostly Di and our rides in the reserve. Parts of it are memories of Rapphappy before his untimely death.

the storyCollapse )

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00hshinyJul. 26th, 2007 08:18 pm plotlines

How many ways are there for a character to wind up riding in some big event?

Inheritance, lottery, already rich, owns a farm, parents own a farm.

Conflict: bad accident, horse dies, horse gets injured, loses nerve, injury weeks before the event, evil arch enemy trying to thwart all plans.

Climax: protagonist wins somehow.

Seriously, are there any books that aren't cliche in some way? Can you get your MC to have money or a horse without falling back to a typical plot device? Everytime I get an idea I start thinking, but how did she get there? And all I can come up with is this stuff, things that have been written a thousand times. Does this frustrate anyone else?

Ideas for differences?

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tammys_tackJul. 26th, 2007 06:21 pm HI everyone!

Hi, I found this in equestrian and had to join, lol.
I'm on my selling journal, but I'll also be on here as wordstoasong.

I'm Reba, 18 yrs old and in love with horses! I own a million horse books and only wrote one horse story, lol.

Feel free to add me on this account or wordtoasong or equine-canada, my horse-only one.

Anyone read the Blue Ribbon series? I only have Kate's Challenge.

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lovemeinfocusJul. 26th, 2007 06:14 pm

Well, hi there :D

My name is Sky, and I like to pretend that I can write. Well, when you put a writer's mind into the body of a horse-crazy teen, stuff like this happens:
Black and WhiteCollapse )

Any critism is welcome - I wrote this last year for class and was too lazy to do much editing. Actually, I'm generally too lazy to do much editing because I'm doing this for fun, not to publish ^.~

Great idea for a community! How many of you guys read the Thoroughbred series? And what about Sara Gruen's books, Riding Lessons and Flying Changes? Or Horseplay, by Judy Renee Singer? Or maybe Chosen by a Horse, by...uh...ohdamn...hmm...

Haha XD


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00hshinyJul. 26th, 2007 04:20 pm Pine Hollow

Anyone besides myself read this series? It's the Saddle Club all grown up and in high school. I started out really dubious with book one but I continued reading anyway and wound up collecting all of them (there are 17 total). I really enjoyed them towards the end even though the last book broke my heart.

They're very different in some ways and very much the same in others. It's more an amplification of the characters as we know them. What happens to Stevie's carefree personality when she's 16? Lisa's perfectionism when she's a senior in high school? Where did Veronica DiAngelo end up? I think Bryant flexed her writing muscles a bit more with this series because she could. It didn't have to be all happy-go-lucky all the time the way it did with the Saddle Club. Bad things can happen and continue to happen but her audience can handle it now. We've grown up with Stevie, Carole and Lisa. We're old enough to know that horses get put to sleep or sold, there are bigger things in life than spending all day at the barn (even though we'd all LOVE to be able to do that again).

So, any thoughts?

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