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Sharing original stories, discussing good horsey novels, critiquing writing
This community is for anyone who loves to write about horses or just discuss great horsey books they've read. You can share your work, get critiques, read other people's writing, sell or trade books, ask for tips and basically discuss anything that has to do with horses and fiction.

1. No flaming or trolling. When people ask for criticism, please be constructive. Don't tear someone down just for the heck of it.
2. No community promos. There are a lot of horse communities out there who will allow you to advertise.
3. Selling and trading books is done at your own discretion.
4. Please try and stay on-topic. It's okay to ask questions about horses if it pertains to your writing. If it's an actual real-life situation, try a community like equestrian.
5. Have fun. A lot of us grew up reading The Saddle Club and the Thoroughbred series so it's a fun way to reminisce with the characters we know and love here.
6. If you ask for criticism, please don't get defensive.
7. Mod's rule is final.